You Had Me At Shut-Up

craig doing attorney stuffYou Had Me At Shut-Up is a collection of literary and legal fiction short stories.  Most of the stories follow the escapades of lawyer and real estate broker Darwyn “Wyn” Van Wye in fictional Algonquin County.

A homeowners association passes a covenant prohibiting a homeowner from voting for a Democrat; a home buyer goes back and breaks into houses after he views the properties for sale; a poon hound describes how love was for him in in Europe and The States in the Eighties; a woman poisons her husband with arsenic in a divorce.

I have written over 30 of these stories, the first 15 being included in the collection. I am currently sending the stories out for consideration for publication in literary journals.

The first collection of Darwyn Van Wye short stories includes the following:

You Had Me At Shut-Up

Go, Shoo!

Real Estate Ralph

The President of Clark Gables

Flat Time

The King of Atlanta

The Art of the Deal

Black-Letter Law

Back in the USSR

September 12

The House-Hunter

Moose on Roller-Blades

Branson or Bust

The High-Note



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