Launch of F-ck You, Your Honor

by Craig Chambers, author of F*ck You, Your Honor

Vol 1.4 June 5, 2017

My satirical literary novel, F*ck You, Your Honor,  launched today. There was no countdown for the launch and the earth didn’t move. Except for the earthquakes caused by the fracking up in Firestone.

Check it out on Amazon or my own website, If you like it write a review; if you don’t like it, forget you ever heard of the novel .

Thanks to all the people that helped, readers, editors, artists designers, critics, and friends.

Thanks especially to Jami Carpenter, Cedric Chambers, Michael Bozek, Judy Lucero and Rebecca Winters.

The book is available on Amazon and related book sites both as a paperback and as an e-book. I’ve gotten good reviews so far, at least, four, which means that at least four people liked the book, a fact I find extraordinary.


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