About Me

About Me

Craig Chambers is a former editor of “Maxy’s Journal”, “The Vanderbilt Poetry Review”, and “Poetry & Audience.” He has been published in “The Little Review” and “The Greensboro Review.” Chambers holds a literature degree from Vanderbilt University and a law degree from the University of Denver. He also contributed to “The Rocky Mountain News.”

In his junior year in college, Chambers attended the University of Leeds in England. He did not attend a single class, traveled around Europe instead. He came back and took the final exams, only to be disappointed that he got a 1 in English. He later learned that “First Honors” was the highest grade.

In the ‘80s he became a real estate broker while he worked on developing his writing style. Chambers attended law school in the ‘90’s because he observed a real estate closing where the lawyer messed up the deal, but still charged a fee of $1,000. He figured he could mess up a real estate deal for a lot less than that. His satirical novel on the legal system, F*ck You, Your Honor, was released in June, 2017.  He resides in Littleton, CO. He has a wife and four children.

Books by Craig Chambers

F*ck You, Your Honor (June, 2017)

London on a Beer a Day 

Love in the Time of Thatcher’s Britain

The Big Smoke

You Had Me At Shut-Up (Stories)

Location Location Location (Stories)

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