About the Title: F*ck You, Your Honor

Platte Canyon Review 1.3

Literary Fiction and Legal Satire

by Craig Chambers, author of F*ck You, Your Honor

Fuck You, Your Honor, published by Black Letter Editions

January, 2017

My novel is called  F*ck You, Your Honor, which is a satirical literary novel about a low-end attorney and real estate broker who is ordered by a judge to write a book to save his law license. The title evolves from a passage in the book, so if you want to see where the title comes from, sorry, you’ll have to at least skim through the novel.

One of the problems with the title is that there are many ways to spell it. There’s Fuck You, Your Honor, F*ck You, Your Honor, F-ck You, Your Honor, F–k You, Your Honor, F U Your Honor, to name a few.

Some people are offended by the title and don’t want the book glaring out at people from  their coffee-table for anyone to see. They treat the book like they found a dead rat in the kitchen and want to wrap it up in newspaper and dump it the garbage.

Other people love the title. Real estate brokers especially seem to like the title because most realtors hate lawyers. Lawyers also seem to like it because apparently lawyers also hate lawyers. And because lawyers studied the 1st Amendment back in law school and are therefore constitutional law scholars.

The best I can tell you is I think the title suits the subject of the novel. There is a rap song with a similar title but no one would confuse my book with a rap song. And the title conveys the feel of the book, its tone and personality.

Some people think the book is offensive; other people think that for the title, F*ck You, Your Honor, the book is not offensive enough. Since you can’t please everyone, why bother to please anyone?

Whether you like the title or not,  I hope you give the book a try.

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