Short Chapters

Platte Canyon Review 1.2

Literary Fiction and Legal Satire

by Craig Chambers, author of Fuck You, Your Honor

Fuck You, Your Honor, published by Black Letter Editions

April, 2016

The novel, F*ck You, Your Honor, has little short chapters. As I lawyer, I am not good at math, but last time I counted there are 61. Some people have complained the chapters are too short, like they feel a chapter cheated them somehow.

Short chapters are good because you can stop and take a break from the book anytime you want. It is a good book to take on an airplane. To the dentist’s office. When you hold an open house. Or to read during a business meeting.

The chapters are short because that’s how I write chapters. There’s not a lot I can do about that. You can go to writing school, get an MFA, live off student loans, and avoid a real job for a year or two, but no one can teach a writing style. I write how I write.